Early Reading


At Pennycross Primary School we understand that reading is one of the primary skills children require in order to access all other areas of learning. For that reason, we are committed to ensuring children are enthused, engaged and successful lifelong readers. In order to achieve this, we implement the following:

  • Daily phonics lessons where children learn to read new sounds before segmenting and blending them to read phonemes (groups of sounds)

  • Daily whole class reading sessions using high quality texts that encourage children to ask questions and think deeply about what they are reading to improve their understanding

  • Inviting areas in every classroom that are well stocked with a wide range of books which meet the needs of the children in the class as well as promoting a love for reading

  • Providing every child with a reading book to take home and practise their reading

  • Giving access to Accelerated Reader for children who are ready to read independently to allow them to practise their fluency and understanding. Children are highly motivated by this online platform and enjoy the opportunities to take part in challenges. There are awards for children who reach 'Word Millionnaire' status

  • Daily story times where children are able to listen to a book being read by their teacher


We teach a synthetic phonics programme using the Read Write Inc. scheme. Read Write Inc. Phonics is a DfE-validated systematic synthetic phonics programme with a whole-school approach to teaching early reading and writing.

It teaches children to read accurately, fluently and with understanding, to spell, and to write their own compositions.

For more information about Read Write Inc. please visit the following website:


For support with helping your child learn to read, please visit the following website: